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RawHinies is a group of families and friends who ride the Colorado Bike MS tour as a team to support the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. We have riders and volunteers diagnosed and living with MS. In addition, every rider pedals to support a good friend or family member affected by this disease!

Fund-raising for MS...

The true measure of our success as a team is how we rank each year in our fund-raising efforts.  Over the past years we have raised nearly $4 MILLION to help with research and the fight to end MS!

The RawHinies have consistently been the #1 Team in Colorado and #4 Team in the Nation. This is pretty incredible for a small friends and family team. 

You can see we are very focused and motivated to raise money to fight MS. While the fund-raising is the purpose and the goal, we have lots of fun getting there. Each year as the team has grown in numbers we have also grown in smiles through the miles. Team support makes the job so much easier. We have come together for the cause; we stay together because of the people on the team. We welcome anyone to join us to fight this disease because together, as a team, we ARE making a difference!

Thank you, RawHinies for your commitment to

Stomp Out MS!

We are the #1 Fundraising Team in Colorado, again and #4 in the NATION!!!

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