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RawHinies is always recruiting new riders of ALL levels for the Bike MS Tour.

To join RawHinies for the 2020 Bike MS Tour, visit our page on the National MS Society WebSite by clicking here. Once registered you will receive an email welcoming you to the team and information on upcoming team events, these events can also be viewed by visiting the team Calendar.

As a member of the RawHinies, you will be treated to -

  • Professional Trainers to help you meet your endurance and training goals.
  • Supported training rides; many include fully stocked rest stops and support.
  • Catered kick-off meeting with an amazing group of people who will get you pumped for a great season.
  • Custom award winning Jersey.
  • Private Team Tent on day 1 at CSU with caterers and massage therapists exclusive to RawHinies Team members and their families.
  • The experience of riding with an amazing team who support each and every rider, volunteer and donor.

You can see we support our team on many levels, but as much as we'd love to give it all to you for free, we can't.  To be a RawHinie we require a team fee to be paid by each rider. You might be thinking with all we are giving it must cost hundreds per person and you'd be correct. However, we ask for a mere $65 team fee to cover all these expenses.

Upon payment of the $65 fee you will be able to order your team jersey and enjoy all the benefits of the RawHinie team. To pay your team fee and order your jersey and other team apparel, if desired, visit the Team Fee & Apparel page.

Volunteer with us

To Volunteer for any of the listed opportunities below, please contact us.

Meet Our 2020 Volunteers

Construction Crew - Help build decorations for team tent. Need to be available weekends late May through June. Transport decor/supplies to tent at CSU campus Day 1.

Decorating Crew -Create decorations for team tent. Sewing (minimal), posters, painting, light crafts. Need to be available Saturdays in June and to install decor at tent at CSU campus Day 1.

Tent Host - Day 1 - Be the point person for the team tent at CSU campus Day 1 . Supervise and help tent decor set-up, coordinate with caterers. Greet riders and furnish necessary information to them. Cell phone required for communication with Sprit Squad.

Tent Host - Day 2 - Coordinate activities for team tent at finish line at Front Range Community College on Day 2 . Congratulate riders as they cross finish line. Cell phone required for communication with Spirit Squad.

Training Ride Support - Establish and set up "turn around" point on designated training rides weekends in April through the end of June. Furnish light food, water, gatorade etc. to riders.

Spirit Squad Captain and Crew - Set up a point along the course Day 1 and/or Day 2 after lunch. Furnish necessary items for riders (water, washcloths, light food, etc.) Cheer and encourage riders. Bring your own chairs. Cell phone necessary for communication with Tent Host.

Video Producer/Editor - Chronicle the RawHinies year beginning with kick-off meeting to training rides, fundraising events and the Bike MS event.

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