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Team apparel provided by M7 Business Systems

Choose from a variety of t-shirts, hats and other fun RawHinie items.

Please Note: The Team jersey is a short sleeve jersey specific to the 2020 ride. Any additional jerseys, including the non-year specific sleeveless jersey, are optional and additional to the team jersey. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Use this link to order your team jersey and pay the required team fee. When you order your jersey, the team fee will automatically be charged to your order.

For information on the team fee visit our Join Us page for a list of all the benefits your team fee provides to you.


  1. Click on the RawHinie Team Fee & Apparel link below. By Clicking the link and paying your team fee and ordering your team jersey, you agree to the Liability Release (click to review release)

RawHinie Team Fee and Apparel by M7 Business Systems

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